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Expanding Call Centers in Davao

The City of Davao — On the top of the country’s highest peak with an eagle eye, the largest city of the south with the festival of all festivals. I’m referring to Mt. Apo, the Philippine Eagle and Kadayawan Festival which are all the majestic symbols of Davao the largest city in Mindanao. Now the expanding call centers here could be its next great symbol.

Ranked fourth among the top ten next wave zones for outsourcing in the Philippines, the city is attracting investors due to its manpower and availability of infrastructure with a very low power cost and rental. It is highly recommended by the Commission on Information and Communications Technology and the Business Processing Association of the Philippines.

This year a unit of US-based Synnex Corp which is Concentrix Philippines is expanding its highly competent and educated workforce. According to the site director of Damosa Information Technology Complex mister Gerardo S. Dumael they will be increasing their already 600 seats to 1,400. Mister Dumael claimed that Davao city could be the country’s number one in terms of absorption of applicants because its 7% hiring rate compared to the 4% of other cities.

Last Wednesday, President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo visited the site as part of her cyber corridor tour around the city of Davao.

ICT-Davao, a division of ICT group of companies which caters IT services and outsourcing, made a business survey that claimed a high percentage of people getting hired. 25 percent of applicants get a seat in the call center while in the transcriptionist department is surprisingly at an even higher figure of about 50% getting hired.

The largest call center in Davao is Sutherland Global Services which reportedly targeting to double its 1,500 manpower into a huge 3,000 highly skilled contact center agents this year.

Sutherland Global Services, Concentrix Philippines and the other two call centers CyberCity Teleservices and Western Wats are providing more jobs to the people of Davao.

The largest city of the south has a very big potential as well to becoming an economic force in the Philippines. The clear vision of a Philippine Eagle will make it possible to reach a dream as high as Mount Apo with the joys and entertainment given by Kadayawan.

Another emerging competitor is British owned Catch Friday Enterprises, whose Head of Operations, James Pitt continues to attract clients from the financial sector, where he was poached. Pitt had been on a fact-finding tour, when a team of head hunters had caught up with him, luring him into Davao was quite a feat.

He recently completed the development of a large building-sector website into the US, getting it ready for seed funding using a range of online and offline channels. He has also worked to build an Italian portal into a leading food and wine portals using a mixture of voice and online work. He has done some great work with a leading UK-based services company to build and populate its CRM system.

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