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Here’s a blog on 10 most popular Unethical Practices by Real Estate Practitioners ( licensed or not – if unlicensed, kindly keep track of their names )  for everyone’s reference :


Re Unethical practitioners, here’s a partial list of the “modus operandi” currently happening in our Industry. These Unethical individuals are not confined to a specific location but are operating all over.  Take note that it also works both ways, as we, Practitioners aren’t the only one who are guilty of Unethical Issues but some of our Clients too, whether they are Property Owners / Investors / Buyers.  They too are capable of this unfortunate incidents.  Some of these Unethical practices include :

1) getting address & having another network go to the property in order to bypass the listing broker

2) calling on a property advertised & pretending to be the buyer / client and when actually showing up to view the property, this supposed buyer is actually a broker who brings a client ( why not be transparent from the beginning ? )

3) getting a property listing from an indirect broker & upon finding the direct listing broker, ignoring the indirect broker ( this is the cause of too many social media groups – viber and facebook are the normal areas where this occur )

4) not respecting or ignoring a memorandum of agreement amongst brokers which is normally done prior to any transaction ( believe me, money changes people )

5) going straight to register of deeds / assessor’s office / tax mapping division to get details of said property seen through another broker in order to find the property owner thus ignoring the selling broker, this could be corrected with the awareness of giving exclusivity on a property to a listing broker.  Exclusivity on a Property Listing to a particular Broker / Agency is a standard procedure in other countries and eliminates unethical issues and at the same time enhances the viability of Multi Listing Program, a must for the Philippine Real Estate Industry to implement so we could progress further considering the positive growth the industry is facing !

6) giving an exact location on property with signage, even thru a trusted broker isn’t advised, a big percentage of that so called trusted broker will be tempted to call that number and ignore the listing broker / associate as human nature is weak and normally fails that trust  ( avoid giving listings that have signage or that comes from a bank )

7) bringing a fake client in order to identify a property

8) after viewing a property, coming back to the property & negotiate directly with owner

9) passing on an indirect property listing to another broker without advising listing broker ( permission must first be seeked from the listing broker  prior to sharing a property given a listing broker / associate )

10) setting up an appointment to view the property in order to get the exact address and not showing up at all or answering the phone to confirm viewing ( don’t you just hate this specially when coming from afar and dealing with traffic )

There’s so much more that we encounter and this happens just not only for us Licensed brokers but there are unethical Property Owners too ( some i believe is the cause if ignorance but others i know just care about the money and being paid ).

I will blog on so much more unethical practices and hopefully we can slowly correct and eliminate these practices so as to have a progressive Real Estate industry which will continue to grow in the coming years and decades !

When in doubt, just think, is this something i want done to me ?  As the GOLDEN RULE says, ” Do Unto Others What You Don’t Want Others To Do Unto You “.

Hope you understand my position on this but really have to vigilant for the good of the Real Estate Industry, it’s practitioners ( Brokers, Appraiser, Property Owners ) that has no other option but to grow and expand within the next coming years and decades ! Great day to all.

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