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Lot area: 276 sqm more or less (303 sqm on final lot survey or 3262 sq ft)
Zoning: Commercial/ residential; about 98% of lots in Boracay is on tax declaration. Land taxes paid for until 2014.
Living area: ~ 350 sqm more or less (2 storey house= approx. 180 sqm or 1937 sq ft; bar area= approx. 170 sqm or 1830 sq ft)
Parking Space: Yes (inside the property and along the road)
Selling Price: $ 249,000 ( negotiable )



Ideal for a mini-hotel with bar & restaurant.


This Sports Bar is operational. It has a 28-seater  mahogany wood bar with7  LCD/ LED TVs, LED projector, industrial fans, Yamaha mini-road racing bike, etc. It also has a tiled bathroom (with HCG powerflush toilet, sink, HCG male urinal, etc), staff room, rat-proof storage room, and fully furnished kitchen (with charbroil grill, pizza oven, 18 cubic feet and 7 cubic feet Whirlpool freezers, big coolers, blender, gas oven, burners, etc, etc).


Glassware, silverware, chinaware are also included.


PLUS: recipes including Neapolitan style pizza, ever-famous Thai food, and the popular buffalo wings! The websites for the bar are also included on the sale.


The bar’s foundation and massive poles are built to hold a 3-storey building (ideal for a mini-hotel).


Great investment opportunity: Boracay House and Lot For Sale


Income Potential:


  • Option 1: Rent the house out to tourists for at least 150 USD/day (similar size homes for rent in the neighborhood go for $175 or higher per day).
    • 150 USD per day X 30 days = 4500 USD a month
    • Bar/ restaurant business @ lowball income estimate= ~2,000 USD
    • Total: 6,500 USD per month (or $78,000 yearly)
    • ROI: 249,000 USD / $78,000= 3.2 years to get your money back.
  • Option 2: Easy option. While preparing to do a hotel and restaurant business, you can lease the property to expats who look for comfortable homes away from the hassle and bustle in town. Monthly rental income potential (~70,000 php monthly for the house;  ~30,000 php monthly for the bar)

for serious inquiries of this limited opportunity, please email or call me at my office.

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