Industrial Lots / Warehouse for Sale – October 28, 2013

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hello everyone,

here’s a brief market update on industrial and residential property market as of february 2013 …. since then, the philippines has had two credit upgrades … the market continues to be strong however, buyers and investors feel that prices are way too high just to realize later that the property has been sold.

inventory for the primer residential areas remain scarce and prices haven’t really corrected thus leaving us with a sizeable market of end users / investors with a huge demand for properties at the right price !

financially, we’re far from a property bubble as our banks and banko sentral have handled the situation carefully thus the fundamentals are solid.

i’ve also updated our current inventory for your reference.

thanks and warmest regards.


hello everyone,

the industrial market has really picked up and inventory for lots, factories, warehouse and office buildings are now getting scarce.  the global crisis has affected the philippine market  on a positive note as more locators ( logistics, manufacturing, business process outsourcing, etc )  from foreign countries have been relocating or expanding their operations here.  the statistics can clearly be seen at both peza and non-peza  zones throughout the country.

these then affects both the commercial and residential market and that’s why the philippine real estate market beyond stable and resilient but will continue to grow specially in the commercial and industrial market.

the immediate concern will be in the condominium development of studios and one bedroom units which we already forecasted an oversupply as early as three years ago.   we can now see a lot of sellers ( speculators ) unloading their units and these can be seen on the growing classified ads in the newspapers and internet based advertisement,

below is our current inventory of industrial warehouse properties for sale.  should you have a specific property requirement, please email or call our office so we could provide assistance for your property needs.


La=912, Fa=600@ 27M – old structure

La=424, Fa=1000m2 @ 35M – 3 sty, office warehouse

La=800 @ 37M, old structure


La=261 @ 9.5M, near South Super Highway

La=870 @ 40M, near South Super Highway

La=1000, Fa=2990 @ 42M, 3sty, 3 phase, tenanted


La=2.3H @ 27T/m2, with existing warehouse, income property, near SLEX

La=2200, Fa=1700 @ 22T/m2 – with structure, tenanted

La=1500, Fa=1200 @ 24M – office warehouse


La=5000, Fa=4500 @ 160M – with 5 yr old 4 storey office / warehouse building, near Tandang Sora / Commonwealth Avenue

La=846 @ 23M – vacant lot

La=1500 @ 35M – hi ceiling, showroom

La=810 @ 25T/m2 – old structure

La=1300, Fa=3000 @ 39M – 3 sty, office warehouse


La=1040, Fa=1000 @ 28M – office warehouse, tenanted

La=1200, Fa=1200 @ 26M – high ceiling nr Pasig City

La=500, Fa=1836 @ 22M – good for commissary

La=2881 @ 75M – 4 warehouse, tenanted 2 yrs


La=8000 @ 7500/m2 – 60 meter frontage

La=8000 @ 10T/m2 – big warehouse, 3 phase


La=1700 @ 90M – residential, bodega


La=4000 @ 5500/m2 – office warehouse

La=16000 @ 6500/m2


La=17,000, Fa=9000 @ 15T/m2, with existing warehouses

La=8222,  Fa=9000 @ 240M – factory, showroom

La=2312, Fa=6414m2 @ 95M – 3sty, office warehouse

La=1853, Fa=1000 @ 35M, 3 phase, loading dock

La=1142, Fa=3000 @ 120M – 3sty, office warehouse

La=5501, Fa=2501 @ 127M – 3sty, office warehouse

La=5373, Fa=3000 @ 96M – with old structure

La=2724, Fa=1800 @ 35M – with structure

La=3500 @ 50T/m2 – old stricture

La=2059 @ 16T/m2 – vacant lot

La=2388m2 @ 15T/m2 – warehouse, commercial space

La=2103m2 @ 16T/m2 – vacant lot

La=2400, Fa=4000 @ 85M- 2sty, office warehouse

La=5000, Fa=15000 @ 220M – 3sty, office warehouse

La=2322, Fa=4400 @ 80M, 3 phase, office warehouse

for further details, please call our office.

thanks and regards.